Valor Athletics Inc. BD โ€“ 7 Power Rack with Lat Pull

In the cheap power racks article I ran through 3 top picks quickly. In this review I want to get a little deeper into the Valor Athletics Inc. BD โ€“ 7 Power Rack with Lat Pull, a great power rack that comes with jsut about everything that you could possibly want. For me I like to keep things very simple, which is why I own the Powerline PPR200X power rack, but the Valor Athletics power rack with lat pulldown is perfect for anyone that wants to train in a way that offers maximum versatility.

This review is based on my experience of using it over a number of sessions at a friends house, not of me owning it for years and years. But from my experience it does seem to offer excellent value for money, as well as a very safe training experience. If you want to buy it for a low price then here is the link. But be sure to read my review too so that you know if this is the right option for you.

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Valor Athletics Power Rack With Lat Pulldown Review

Dorian Yates latsThe first thing that you will find with this rack is it is heavy duty in the extreme. I am not going to give you all the specs and such, this isn’t the manual, but in years of experience using countless different pieces of training equipment I have not come across a rack that is so well priced for the build quality, apart from the one I own, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

Features I Love

Valor Athletics Inc. BD โ€“ 7 Power Rack with Lat Pull

The main thing I love about this rack is that you have the ability to not only catch the bar down low or rest it after you finish a set, but there are plenty of pins. So that bars can be stored when not in use, and also you can set a number of other pins at different heights for a simple lift off to begin sets where you want the bar up high at the beginning of a set. It’s perfect for squats, shoulder press and the like, when you want the bar to be up high whilst still having the low catch bars for the end of a set, just in case.


This is a feature that is worth the money alone. Being able to store your plates off the floor and out of the way is a really good idea. It keeps the workout area tidy and you know exactly where everything is.

Chin Bar

Like many other power racks the cheap BD-7 power rack comes with a chin up bar. To be honest this is why I only own the powerline option. I love chins and it is the mainstay of my back development. But this brings us onto the unique part of this option, the lat pull and row attachments. If I performed these on a regular basis then this is what I would own.

What we buy really is down to the exercises we wish to perform, or are suited to our bodies. And for may that is why they buy this. The ability to have all this equipment in one place for a versatile option when it comes to training the back.

Lat Pulldown And Row Attachment

The low pulley allows you to perform either seated or standing upright rows with ease. Ease as far as convenience is concerned, the sets themselves should always be brutally hard! You can also use the low pulley to perform curls, which is a great addition too. The pulldown comes with an angled bar for a large range of hand placements, and for those that love pulldowns this is about as good as it gets for a low priced home Gym option.

The lat pulldown works on a simple pulley system that is going to allow you to very quickly and easily load the plates of your choice, and it’s the same for the low row pulley too.

Although the total load accepted is only 250 lbs this is more than enough for all us normal people, and is not a weight that most will ever come even close to using.


You can buy it direct from the Valor site but there is a better deal via Amazon. Use the link provided near the top of this article to compare the two. The Valor Athletics BD-7 power rack price is a great deal currently, and I really do think that it gives excellent value for money. Especially when we realize just how sound the construction is, how good it looks, and the many features it has.

I give it a big old thumbs up here at the site that teaches you how to build muscle without any bull.

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