PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

Shown below is the PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack with the optional Lat pulldown, well worth getting if you ask me. Lower down in this article I will link to the page where you can buy this Power Rack, either with or without the pulldown attachment, plus you can also buy it optionally at a later date.

Personally I love it, but it may well be worth simply buying the cage and seeing how you get on first. With a chin up bar as part of the set-up, to be honest you can get lats as big a you could possibly dream of without a lat machine. It depends on your favored way of working out. I usually split my training through the year, chins are a killer to perform, especially with added weight, so switching it up now and then may be just what the doctor ordered.

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PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack Review

PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

So, let’s get to the meat of this article, the review. There are also links below for the manual, points on assembly, and also some extra info I think you will be interested in.

As I stated in the cheap power racks quick overview, this is the rack I now own, after a rather dubious attempt at making my own (and out of wood!) many years ago. I know, I know!!! 😉

The first point to make really does have to be price. This is why I bought this option, and probably why you are reading too. You want something for a reasonable price. The main thing is that you have something that allows you to train safely. Working out at home, especially alone, is fraught with danger. Especially if you perform squats or benches. I would never recommend that you do that without a cage.

Getting stuck at the bottom of a set of squats or bench presses is the stuff of nightmares. But with this sturdy option you just set the safety rods to catch the bar if needed, although obviously you want to be training with slow movements and place the bar down gently. But really this style of training is the only way to get maximum results really. Going to failure in things like the bench gives the best results, and that means stopping in the bottom position and resting the bar on the safety pins, not having to worry about a final push up to rest it on some flimsy bench press attachment (moan over!).

The Cost

ray mentzerIt varies a little, as I always recommend that you buy from Amazon. I mean, take a look at what sites like Bodysolid want for it, and compare that to Amazon, no contest really. But what you will always find is that the Powerline PPR200X price is cheap on Amazon compared to anywhere else. Trust me, I have said it time and time again, forget the flashy fitness equipment stores, buy from somewhere like Amazon instead. There is always some for of discount going on.

The Overview

A quick run-through of the power rack, or power cage as you may find many people calling it.

I don’t want to waste your time here. The bottom line is that this is a sturdy home power rack and that is it. It will handle the weights all but the most superhuman can handle with no problems.

Strong solid construction, minimal parts and pretty quick to assemble too.

What more could you ask for really?

These type of things are best kept as simple as possible. The less there is going on the longer they are going to last. You should find this will last you a lifetime of bodybuilding, weight training, or exercising with no problems at all. We are buying a solid cage with plenty of adjustable positions to use as lift off points, or as a catch for the bar as we drop or lower it from our exhausted hands.

The Specs And Dimensions

  • Nice wide walk in design
  • 18 levels for the racks
  • 41″ wide chinning bar
  • 2 lift off points or bar storage points
  • Dimensions: 44″ Length x 46″ Width x 82″ Height
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 10 years frame, 1 year parts
  • Optional Lat attachment

Powerline PPR200X Power Rack Capacity

The weight limit for this option is fantastic so far as I can tell. I certainly haven’t done it any damage lifting well over 390 lbs so I can’t see there being any issue. In fact the weight capacity is stated as 600 lbs so it will be a while before you need to worry about upgrading. I mean, seriously, will you EVER have to? I won’t be.


Pretty simple. You are going to need an hour or two and a few tools that everyone will have lying about somewhere and you are good to go. Be prepared to receive 3 boxes with your order, unless things have changed since I bought mine, and then you are going to be ready to use it the same day.

The size makes it perfect for training indoors in a relatively small space, it’s a pretty good size but doesn’t waste space at the same time.

PowerLine PPR200X Manual

If you want the manual then here is the link. PPR 200X manual.

Hopefully this has been a good read, and you have made up your mind about the rack, I recommend it and think that for the money you simply won’t find anything better.

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