HardGainer Training

Hard gainer is a term coined for those of us who do not easily pack on the pounds of muscle simply by looking at a barbell. In fact it applies to many people who want to add pounds of muscle to their scrawny frames. Coined by Stuart McRobert from the amazing hardgainer resource it really applies to the majority of people.

We all want to get HUGE muscles and in record time but the reality is often quite different. You will see many bodybuilding sites claiming that if you follow their regime and normally buy their products as well that you will be massive in a matter of weeks. The reality is quite different. It takes a long time to get big muscles, especially for the naturally lean among us. What you can do though is pack on a significant amount of muscle in a short space of time if you are really dedicated.

See my How To Get Big Muscles Fast article for a real life training program that will see you packing on the pounds in no time. This is real life training and not the crap you will read elsewhere. Unless you are a genetic freak then you have to work damn hard to get bigger muscles. This involves training like a demon and eating like the world was going to run out of food tomorrow.

The Realities Of Being A Hardgainer

This is the truth guys and gals, not a load of junk to make you believe that something will happen that won’t. I, like many people who want to know how to put on weight quickly and get MASSIVE, am a true hardgainer. Now, at an older age my body type does seem to have changed somewhat and I don not have such problems gaining even an ounce of flesh as I did when I was starting out in my youth. I am still naturally slim though and still come under the hardgainer category. High intensity bodybuilding is still the way to go to maximize results by getting big with bodybuilding and weight training but most people are simply not willing to put in the work.

It is tough, you can burn out if you are not careful, and it WILL give results if you train like a madman.

I don’t mean not being sensible though and using impeccable form. Curve your back in  set of squats and it could be game over for life dude. It very nearly was for me. Get a trap bar on Amazon and you are much more likely to have a successful and injury free training career and get those beastly muscles you strive for.

Back to the realities of being a hardgainer.

If you want to get big and you want to put on weight fast then training is only part of the equation. Buy one of these food blenders on Amazon because if you find it difficult to put on weight then you are going to need it.

Mike Mentzer

A food blender was invaluable to me as I was trying to put on weight on to my skinny frame when I was young. There was simply no way I could eat enough with my very fast metabolism. If you are wondering why I can’t put on weight then you have  a fast metabolism and you cannot or do not eat enough.

Skinny people who want to put weight on need to do a high intensity bodybuilding workout a few times a week and they need to train their legs like a madman. You must work your legs as hard as possible. Not with stupid ideas about doing leg curls and girly leg extensions but squats or preferably trap bar deadlifts. You should be so exhausted after a single set of 15-20 reps that you need to lie down for a good five minutes.

Can you hack that? Or are you going to stay skinny and weak forever?

Look, do a few sets a few times a week and the other exercise in my how to get HUGE post and with what I am about to tell you I guarantee that you will gain weight and look better very quickly.

How To Gain Weight Quickly

Do the exercises and then do the following:

Get a blender, they are cheap and cheerful and are the key to your arsenal. If you are not putting on weight then you simply need to eat more, a lot more. I do not mean an extra sandwich I mean a shit load of extra food each and every day. You MUST do this along with the bodybuilding program I outlined.

Whatever you are eating at the moment is not enough if you want to put on weight. If you are skinny then if you start training you will need extra calories just ot maintain what little wight you have on your weak shoulders. Leg work uses a vast amount of calories. So, you will eat extra just to stay at the same weight if you begin to train with weights.

On top of this if you are a hardgainer you will really need to consume lots and lots of extra food. Now, you need to eat as much as you possibly can each day to gain weight. Eat as often as you can but preferably at least five meals each day. If you can’t handle that much food then you should use the blender. Add full fat milk to it, add milk powder, add a banana, OJ, a weight gain formula and a few eggs for luck. Chuck in a chocolate flavor if you don’t like the taste and drink it down. Use as much of all that as you possibly can and drink it as often as you can.

Do it for a week and come back and let me know how much weight you put on. If it is not at least a pound or two then you are a lightweight and did not get enough down your neck.

This is the reality for the hardgainer. You are lucky in that you do not have to worry about getting fat for many a year. Better to be naturally skinny than naturally fat any day. You can, in a month or two easily add a stone (14 pounds or so) by training like a mental and eating and drinking from your blender anything that you can find that is not nailed down. And then you would preferably eat that damn nail as well (joke).

Get to it guys and if you do not come back and thank me then I am after you you skinny sods.

Weight training can totally transform your body and also how much confidence you have in yourself. Follow the steps I have outlined and in just a month you will have gained 4-8 pounds which will make you look a lot better. As time goes on and you get older you will have to be much more careful about your diet, but for a young hardgainer or an older person that still has a real ectomorph physique then just eat any food that you see and then make some more meals in your blender as well. You can ditch the coffee and shit and instead sip on your blender drink and at least some milk instead.

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