Cheap Trap Bars For Sale

As I return to the world of lifting Iron I realise that one of the things I missed so much was the feel of raw cold steel biting in to my flesh as I struggle to finish the final few reps. Nowhere is this more apparent then in a heavy set of Trap Bar Deadlifts.

I have been checking over my equipment as it had been sorely neglected and actually left outside in all kinds of weather for years. Luckily it is almost always dry so it is all in great condition. I have also been browsing around to check on prices should I need to replace anything. This brings me to the point of this post. The wonderful cheap Trap Bar for sale.

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For me it was a life saver many years ago. Also known by the way by many searchers as  cheap Hex Bars. I was also lucky enough to have one made as back in the day they were difficult to get hold of. It still stand up after almost 15 years of use and abuse. These babies are built to last. For anyone looking to buy a Trap Bar then this is for you. We will talk a little about the massive benefit these bars have for getting huge in the Leg and backside as well as for getting massive trapezoids. First I want to let you know that I have been looking for cheap trap bars as I want to introduce you all to them and I will talk about them quite extensively here on the high intensity bodybuilding site.


So why a trap bar?

It’s story time. Back in the day, when I was full out training 3 times a week with a full body routine courtesy of Elllington Darden, I was hitting squats hard 3 times a week, I now believe this is way too much and would never advocate more than twice a week max by the way. Anyway I was 18 or so and my body could take it.

A few years on and I would get the odd twinge in my lower back and one day POP. Layed up for months and crying when I had to get out of bed. Seriously, it was unbelievable. I am a hardgainer and my body is simply not built like some kind of indestructible powerhouse, much like most of us real life people are. Trying to figure out how to get back in to serious bodybuilding and building muscle I heard about the trap bar deadlift. It seemed like the perfect alternative to squats, and it is.

I gradually got back in to leg training and now, if I am honest I would recommend the trap bar to anyone over the squat. Personally I think the squat is too dangerous. If you train at home you can go nowhere near to failure as it is too risky and the temptation to use improper form is too great. All it takes is one slight rounding of the back and you can damage your back for life. Not to mention that massive weight all being directed down your spinal column to crush your vertebrae.

Get yourself a trap bar, use proper form, and in my opinion you will see just as good if not far superior results. They can make your legs explode if you work it hard, let alone the benefits of using it to actually build up your traps. Use it with excellent form and go deep and performing trap bar deadlifts can work wonders for anyone who wants to get massive legs. I would never go back to squats and even if you are a beginner this is the one tool I would recommend above all others to maximize gaining leg muscle mass and to safeguard your future training. One slip or rounding of the back in the squat and it could be all over dudes.


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