Can Anyone Get Huge Muscles?

When I was younger I used to pour over bodybuilding magazines. I used to believe everything that they said, and I thought that I too could be just like the Giants that were photographed in all of their shimmering glory. Can anyone get big muscles? Can I get huge muscles? Surely if I do what the magazines tell me, and take the supplements, and eat 6 meals a day then I could get huge too, couldn’t I?

Sorry Dudes. The answer is no!

Now, I know that this is going to come as a huge let-down to some of you, you want to look like the latest bodybuilding Superstar. Or maybe just the latest huge Guy in the blockbuster movie. But life isn’t like that.

But don’t despair. All is not lost.

Genetics Are All Important

The reality is that hardly any single person alive has a hope in hell of coming anywhere close to looking like Mr. Dorian Yates in the image above. These men are born to be huge. For us average people it is simply never going to happen. Size like this is surely gained through a lot of hard work and dedication, we can’t argue with that. But the potential was already there. Superb genetics making them pre-disposed to react amazingly well to weight training.

How Big Can We Get

Now comes the good news.

We may not be able to look like a Giant, but if we follow some basic principles then we can still look amazing. We can get very strong, get large muscles, and look better than almost any other person alive. Want to know how to build muscle? Want to look amazing on the beach? Be able to strike a biceps pose and it look impressive?

Then you can. How big the average person can get is going to be down to your genetics, but anyone can totally transform their bodies with a very simple set of exercises. Use low bodybuilding training frequency,  follow the simple best bodybuilding routine, and read the how to gain weight fast articles if you are currently skinny or need to pack on the pounds quickly.

dorian yates biceps

Although it may be somewhat disappointing to know that unless we are born a certain way we will never be a beast of a size, the good news is that we can still work total wonders with our physiques. Anyone has the ability to look totally different. Anyone can pack on tens and tens of pounds of muscle to their frame, and do it with low frequency, and without spending much time working out at all.

But it requires dedication

It will mean working out with progressively heavier weights for years. But in just a few months you are going to look vastly different to how you did before you began. What you will find is that once you are over the beginners stage, and are used to the exercises, you will begin to see a great transformation.

You will see muscles begin to appear, get strong, and feel great within yourself for simply sticking to a routine that requires such hard work.

Huge muscles are relative. We can all get huge muscles for our frames. It just means that we have to work with what we were born with. We can’t grow six inches once we have reached our full potential. Just as we cannot make our bones much denser, our ligaments and tendons be aligned differently, or become Mr. Universe unless we were born with the potential.

But what we can do is pack on so much muscle that for anyone that has not paid their dues with the weights, we will look, quite frankly, incredibly muscular.

It is there waiting for you, all you have to do is get lifting the weights.

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