Bodybuilding Training Frequency

In the article on how often to train to failure I talked about the importance of rest, if we don’t get enough of it then we won’t grow. I have given everyone a routine to build muscle that is pretty much fool-proof, but there is still a lot of bad advice out there concerning training frequency, so this article is going to address the issue. Bodybuilding training frequency is one of those topics where you are going to read a lot of different opinions, and the truth of the matter is that it comes down to one thing and one thing only: YOU!

How Often To Workout To Grow Muscles

It is entirely down to the individual how often a bodybuilding workout should be performed. For me personally I always do a full body routine and I train every fifth day. Any more frequently than that and I simply cannot progress. It is down to trial and error as to how often you are able to workout and still progress.

We want to have as many workouts as we possibly can in any given time-frame, this is how to get maximum results.

But we need to ensure that our bodies are recovered by the time we perform the next workout. Many bodybuilders only work a particular muscle once a week, but they use insane amounts of volume, and will be very advanced to say the least. For us mere mortals with normal genetics the perfect balance is going to be a lot less volume, but a little bit more frequency.

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And beginners can often train a muscle 3 times a week on a full body program. But that will soon change and after a moth or two only two workouts a week are going to be performed. Any more and you will simply be regressing rather than progressing.

But how do we know when to train?

It is as simple as this.

Are you adding weight to the bar every workout, or at least every other workout?

If so then your training frequency for bodybuilding is perfect. If this means only 1 or 2 days of rest then that is great. It means that you will be gaining muscle and strength at the fastest possible rate. But if you cannot do this then you need to add in rest days.

Swap from the frequency you currently have to adding in an extra day of rest between workouts and see how you progress. If you can now add weight or reps for the majority of your workouts then you know that you have hit the sweet spot. If not than add an additional day.

Training frequency for bodybuilding purposes means listening to your own body, and never just taking advice from someone else, and sticking to it no matter what. We are all different and we all need different levels of stimulus and need it in different doses, and different intervals.

The main thing is progression. To get larger muscles then you need to be gaining strength, it is as simple as that.

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