Body Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber Review

The Body Solid BB23 bicep bomber is one of those pieces of equipment that divides the training world. People built big muscles before such pieces of kit, and people continue to do so now without the use of such items, right? So, are we throwing our money away, when we could have used it to buy some quality food, a few extra plates to add to the bar etc. or are we investing in something that is actually going to give us a good return for our money?

Read on fellow big bicep lover, to see just what I think of the bicep bomber from Body Solid. Bear in mind that for some insane arm size you will also want to employ the use of the large arms fast workout from time to time.

The answer to your biceps prayers, or a con like so much else in the bodybuilding world?

Bicep Bomber Review

body-solid-bicep-bomber-bb23Firstly, don’t go expecting to gain huge muscles overnight. It simply isn’t going to happen. Read the best routine to build muscle article for some basic knowledge on how most people should be training. At the heart of any program for building muscle and might are sound practices based on a good abbreviated routine, proper nutrition, plenty of rest days, and an adequate amount of sleep.

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That being said, there is a place for extra pieces of equipment, and specialization routines, to really gain a massive extra growth spurt to grow muscles in a short period of time.

In fact, if you read through many articles on this site, I don’t even encourage most people to perform the bicep curl on a regular basis. If you concentrate on chin ups, until you can add 100 lbs to a chain around your waist, do you think your biceps would be small? I don’t think so.

But some people want to get those Guns and they want them now. So, is the cheap bicep bomber the answer.

Yes and no!

Before I give you my opinion and results let’s see what the bicep bomber spiel is offering us in way of a return for, granted, a very small investment.

What Results Will I See With The Body Solid Bicep Bomber?

Here is the sales stuff.

Bulk up your biceps each time you grab a workout bar with the Body Solid Bicep Bomber.

We then get more info on the fact that it locks your arms in place, as well as your shoulders, and keeps your back and elbows locked in the ideal position to really ensure maximum isolation of the biceps when performing curls.


Actually, it is.

Allow me to elaborate. If we want to really isolate the biceps to the max then we need to keep our back perfectly straight, and we need to lock our elbows. It is all too easy to cheat the weight a little, by using a slight cheat by using our body to raise the bar, rather than focusing solely on using our biceps.

The bomber will keep you in the perfect position so that no cheating is involved.

You have probably seen Dudes in the Gym using huge weights for curls, only to use so much momentum that it really can’t be called a curl at all. Results will be less than stellar, just look  at their arms to see that, it isn’t hard.

Should You Buy?

If you are looking for a way to ensure you get the maximum results from curls then I would say go ahead and buy the Body Solid Bicep Bomber. It keeps you stable, ensures you do not get injured through cheating or using weights you cannot really handle, and it will give good results.

Use Cautiously

Don’t go all out using this every day. Young trainees may be able to train 3 times a week as part of a full body program, whilst those of us who are a little older may only need a specialization routine with the bomber every 4th or 5th day. Keep it brief and keep it intense, the article on how often to train to failure may be of interest for more perspective.

If you are not increasing weight or reps every workout then train less frequently.

Is There An Alternative

I have had very good success using this, but also simply training with my back against a pole. It allows you to take your back out of the equation and maintain good form. But it doesn’t lock the elbows like the bomber does.

I would say that if you want to really hit the Guns hard with a specialization routine for a period of time then the low prices makes this a very good option. Train briefly and infrequently and get ready for biceps to be proud of.

Buy The Body Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber Here

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