I don’t want to disillusion anyone who visits this site. Weight training and bodybuilding is hard work. If you expect results just by lifting a few light weights now and then you are going to be sorely mistaken. My tips on how to build muscle are simple and clear, but they do need to be put into practice, not just read.

It takes dedication and it takes a lot of sweat and hard work. You are going to find that if you are up to the challenge though, the results can be staggering. Workout for a few years, a few times a week, and your body is going to look better than almost every other person’s on the planet.

But it takes hard work and dedication.

In the weights training category you will find numerous articles on just how to really build a great physique, and in the bodybuilding nutrition category you will find a lot of information on how to gain weight quickly for hardgainers, as well as a growing number of articles on dieting, getting a six pack, and the benefits of low carb eating.

Consistency Is Key

Whatever results you are looking for, one thing is imperative, consistency. Try not to miss workouts, ensure that you strive to add more weight to the bar each and every workout, and above all train safely.

Enjoy the site, and I hope you find the information invaluable in your quest to have a better physique and to become strong and full of the joys of life.

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